PRICE GUIDE for plain white sealed freestanding gypsum casts.   No decorative finish, mounting or framing included

 Baby hand/foot 0-6 months - £50   (two done at same time £90, four from same baby done at same time £175)

6 months - 1 year - £60 each (two done at same time £100)

1 year - 2 years - £70 each (two done at same time £120)

Child hand/foot (2-4 years) - £80 (two done at same time £140)

Child hand (4-10 years) - from £85 Child foot (4-10 years) - from £120-£160

Child hand (10-16 years) - £75

Older sibling and newborn baby hand/foot - from £100

Older siblings holding hands (2) - from £110-£120

Family group/3 generation casts - family group - of 3 from £195, of 4 from £275, of 5 from £350

Baby Bottom - 0-3 months - £50,

3-6 months £65,

6-12 months £75, 1-2 years £85

Parent and baby hand - from £115

Parent hand and baby foot - from £130

Adult couple/bridal/engagement/anniversary hand casts - from £150

Adult single hand - from £100

Adult single foot - £220

      Facial portrait casts - Quarter face from £75 Half face from £100

Full face (mask like shape) from £195 Full face including ears and hairline £300      

Decorative Finishes (add on to price of casting above)

Metallic finishes (copper/bronze/pewter/iron/brass, etc.)

Black/white finish, matt or sheen

From £20 extra for baby cast (discount available for four or more casts)

£50 extra for bridal/adult couple, hand cast

£60 -£75 extra for wreath cast for 3-6 hands

Other kinds of unusual paint finishes or embellishments available on request.

Pregnant belly cast - Price List

There are two main methods of casting your pregnant body, which have very different results. The following information will help you decide which of these two methods are right for you:

Technique One - Plaster bandage belly mask

The traditional means of capturing the beauty of the pregnant form is the plaster bandage belly mask. Formed by covering the pregnant body with warm wet plaster bandage, this wonderful technique allows you to capture the basic shape of your pregnant form. As well as your own hands, you can choose to add the hand casts of other family members. Casts can be left plain, decorated by me or taken home on the day for you to decorate, if preferred. Smoothing the bandage casts removes the uneven texture of the bandage and provides a better 'canvas' for more adventurous decoration, but is not necessary for all forms of decoration or if you are leaving your cast white.

Plain Belly only cast - £45

Plain Belly and Breasts - £60

Plain Belly and Hands - £65

Plain Belly, Breasts, Hands - £80

Plain Torso (upper chest down to upper thighs) - £120

Plain Torso and Arms/Hands - £165

Smoothing of above - from £75-200

Mosaic covered bellies/bodies - from £350-£750

Other decorative finishes including murals, decoupage, paint effects, etc. all individually priced after consultation with client.


Technique Two - High definition gel casting

For a stunningly beautiful, utterly realistic cast of your pregnant form - capturing every detail of your form and skin texture and preserving it in a stonecast wall hanging sculpture, gel casting is the perfect choice for your celebratory work of art.

Plain stonecast belly only - £275

Plain belly and breasts - £485

Plain belly and hands - £385

Belly, breasts and hands - £650

Metallic finish of above - prices available on request